IVF Planner

The IVF process is complex and emotional. A fertility drug company wanted a smart phone app to help patients using their fertility drugs keep on top of all their appointments, injections and other important steps in the process. Complicated IVF plans are provided by the patient’s healthcare professional, usually spread over a few pieces of paper.

The solution was a planner that the patient could use to log all of their treatment information up front and then receive automatic reminders throughout the process. The patient only needs to enter in a few key dates to get started while the rest of the information is auto populated and then checked. The app then accompanies and helps the patient through every step of the patient’s journey.

The app opens with a welcome screen used to introduce the app and explain that the patient will need to have their fertility plan ready to reference. The very first step in the setup process is to add in their clinic details for quick reference.

Entering in the start date (first screen) automatically prefills all of the following cards with the standard fertility plan. Because each healthcare professional may alter the plan slightly for their patient it is important that the patient then reviews the pre-filled information and either amends or continues.

If a card is skipped it is marked as unconfirmed and can be checked later.

Each day is represented as a card with the current day’s card always present on the screen. This breaks the IVF process up into easy one-day-at-a-time chunks. 

Flipping the card over shows any notes for that day as well as any relevant resources (videos, how-to’s, etc.).

At any time a full calendar view can be accessed to give a more ‘overall’ view. Icons can be placed on each day to represent different task or appointment types.

If there are days without any tasks the card could display some delightful copy in the form of a fact or reassuring message to encourage the patient.


If the app needs to know something a dashed outline appears in place of a card, indicating that a card can be created out of the content entered.

If success is slected here a new set of cards can now be created by adding additional information much like the inital setup. It’s kind of like a fork in the road where the app needs to know the direction in which you are going before it can display any more information, but the patient is only prompted once they arrive at this stage in the process.

If no is selected an encouraging message can be displayed as well as relevant resources.

After the message is dismissed a new card can be created – triggering a new cycle process. This makes it feel like each cycle is a continuation of the same journey rather than a failed attempt and starting again.

Above you can see my initial mockups of how I saw the artwork coming together. A vibrant colour palette and large iconography could be used to help distinguish the different tasks.

Each icon represents a different task type so that when multiple tasks are lumped together it’s easy to see at a glance what they are.

The final app resulted in the creation of a number of different components which sit together to create the user’s fertility plan. A lot of these are automatically generated from the initial on-boarding. Only cards relevant to that day are shown on the home screen and swiping left and right moves forward or backward in time. A complete overview can also be seen from the calendar view.