Seminis Brand Refresh

The Seminis branding was starting to look dated and the global brand team (US based) was pushing forward with a new positioning for the brand. However Australia’s open field season was getting close to starting and Monsanto Australia wanted to push forward with a new brand a full six months earlier than the global branding was due to be completed.

With the new positioning already established I was tasked with refreshing the brand’s visual direction. I modernised the look of Seminis and created a fresh, simplified colour palette. There were no drastic changes but the new visual direction made an enormous difference to the brand.

Previously, photography had no consistent treatment and was somewhat poorly utilised. I spent considerable time giving newly shot images a fitting and unified visual treatment which could be carried through to all future photography.

The new branding was so well received the global team decided to run with the visual direction I had produced.

Part of Seminis’ refresh involved looking at ways to improve their field days—which is where the majority of their sales come from—using technology. A number of interviews with attendees of these field days took place and I used this information to map the customer journey from first hearing about the day right up to the decision to purchase. Through this exercise I uncovered a many number of pain points and opportunities. Some were very unexpected and challenging to the Seminis sales team. Monsanto was so impressed with the work that it was taken to the Monsanto global team to invest in a global app to be used at all field days accross the globe.