NAB Yourselfie

  • Art director Jerry Scott
  • Copywriter Max Bengsten

Yourselfie is a progressive web app for NAB. Users are encouraged to ‘talk to themselves’ to find out what they really want in life. To start the experience the user takes a selfie of themselves, the app then scans the face and using Amazon Rekognition matches their features to a set of illustrated features and face structures to create a stylised depiction of themselves. As people talk about what they really want in life, the app listens and transcribes what is being discussed into unique pattern combination that fill up the different parts of the face, and give people a way to visualise a personal and unique representation of themselves in real-time.

Try the experience

Before progressing with the interface there was a unique problem we had to solve. How do we get people to talk to their phone in a conversational way?

After the first draft of questions (or provocations) was written, I mocked up a quick InVision prototype allowing test participants to tap through the provocations as they spoke to a phone. These sessions accomplished two things; they helped us to understand how people interacted with an interface and what provocations got people talking the most. 

Through many iterations and many, many test sessions I was able to land on an interface solution to both ease people into talking to their phone and keep them talking long enough to complete their portrait.

I designed a quick and easy tutorial showing users how the app worked. The app would react to the sentence being read out loud by filling a section of the face in with a matching pattern.

The next task was to keep the user talking long enough to fill a complete portrait. To help them along, a single question was displayed on the screen, after a few questions some more text appeared helping the user to start talking. Finally a button appeared allowing the user to continue on to another question. The user wouldn’t necessarily see every question though, if they spoke enough to fill their portrait they were given a button to end the experience if they desired.